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misc-001-1.jpg"Thanks for visiting the site. I am an advocate for the average homeowner. I know that people need an honest resource person to assist them with one of their largest investments, their home. Financial advisors help increase the value of a portfolio, yet many people have no one to help maintain or increase their property value. It concerns me how most people don’t realize that the lack of proper home maintenance can decrease the overall value of one of their greatest investments. Home Details is equipped to address this challenge.”          – Tim Duggins,  Owner


The Great Closet Project

When we bought this house, we knew there wasn’t a lot of storage space – we don’t have basement or garage – but it wasn’t until baby #2 became a reality that we realized how much of a problem it was.  Now that all bedrooms are about to be filled with people (baby’s due any day now), we can no longer keep all our out-of-season and I-might-wear-again-one-day clothes in the spare closets!  After much thought (and a happy tax season), we called our neighborhood handyman, Tim Duggins of Home Details.  Luckily we had a large master bedroom to start with.  We finally decided on a plan: to rip out the inadequate master closets, add a wall and lighting, move some of the ductwork, add french doors, and get ourselves a massive walk-in closet.  Oh, and do it all before baby comes.  

Tim was perfect in getting it done right and on time, and he even taught both Mike and Evan some new skills in the process.  The result is fantastic – we couldn’t be happier!  Now Evan doesn’t have to share a closet with mommy anymore, and baby can have it’s own closet back.  We even have extra space for storage!  See photos below.

– The Pariseaus’

Before.  Only two bi-fold doors worth of space for each of us.

Evan and his new best buddy, "Mr. Tim,"
work on installing the doors.

Finished interior – three sides of glorious space!
Shelves galore, two levels for hanging, and
custom shoe shelves.

Finished exterior.  The wall matches the bedding, the doors
open to the window for extra light, and you would never
tell it wasn’t there to begin with.  Amazin

Another happy customer….. Mike Jr. likes the improvements to his room!

Mike Jr’s parents are happy too! Tim has been an invaluable part of the renovation of our home this past year. He’s helped us every step of the way– no task was too big or too small. He is a wonderful resource for homeowners. Tim sorted through our “wish list” and made helpful suggestions regarding materials, design choices and the order of operations. He is an ace troubleshooter—as almost no task was without glitches due to the age of the home. He is quick to share his expertise, but also knows which tasks to leave to others. Through him, we’ve gained a trusted list of folks to complete plumbing, flooring, drywall work, and painting. The group worked so well together, we were comfortable to leave them to complete tasks while we were out of town. We always returned to find the tasks completed to perfection and the house in immaculate condition. The name “Quality Home Details” is not just a name, it is truly how Tim approaches every project.  A real blessing!

– The Keens

Scherer Family Response to Renovation Projects

Over the years we have used several local contractors but had failed to find a competent craftsman.  Our neighbors highly recommended Tim Duggins of Home Details.  We are so pleased that we followed their advice! Tim’s work is impeccable, but equally importantly he is a delightful person who was great with our three young children and enjoyable to have at our house for several weeks.  All of his work is very thorough and done with top quality construction techniques and precision.   We appreciated his daily construction updates and the photographs he provided documenting the extent of the damages in need of repair.  Throughout the entire project the jobsite was kept clean, clear, and safe, which was important to us in protecting our children. Tim is of the highest integrity, expertly skilled, and very personable; thus, we highly recommend Tim! The Scherer Family – Bill, Amy, Kendall, Merritt, and Linden (double click for enlargement)

Home Details Inc. is a company that is founded on traditional values. Customer satisfaction is a core focus for daily interaction. Quality craftsmanship applied to all construction disciplines is the standard of installation. Honesty and integrity provide the framework for doing business.Home Details is a company that appeals to the discreet homeowner. It is not a company for everyone. The homeowner who appreciates quality and attention to detail will be pleased with the service of Home Details. If quality matters, then Home Details is worth your consideration.-

• We pursue excellence with attention to details

• We take pride in the detailed finish work that equates to a job done with quality • We are a customer focused company • We are education oriented when relating to our clients • We are a small company that is family owned and operated


Sample of Bathroom Upgrades

This is an example of how Tim is willing to work with the homeowner to accomplish the desired results. The homeowner wanted to do some of the renovations but wanted Home Details to handle the things that were a little more challenging. The homeowners picked out the light fixtures, toilets, trim, tile, and grout. They then had Tim do the install of the items that they had purchased. The surprise was a rotted floor around the master bathroom toilet flange. The repairs were made and the project completed on time. (double click for enlargement)

Home Details addresses water damage and restoration

If you need a proposal for your insurance claim, call for a free estimate

Sample of Historic Home Improvements

Small details are important to maintaining the integrity of a beautiful older home.  Historic homes need proper TLC. (double click for enlargement)

Samples of Remodeling

It can be as simple as crown moulding or as complex as a kitchen make over. The right improvements can make a huge impression, even if they are small details. The built in bookcase transformed a simple bedroom.  Simple improvements can also transform a garage. (double click for enlargement)


Kitchen counters can be transforming

Counters and back-splash upgrades can make a huge difference in a kitchen. The granite counters were done by European Stone Concepts. The tile back-splash was done by Home Details. (double click for enlargement)

Maintenance Myths

It is sadly funny how I have heard some of the same lines over and over again. The really sad part is how much money has been spent for repairs because these statements are myths!

"My gutters are not that important, they just catch water"
"Drip edge is not really necessary"
"Vinyl siding is water proof"
"My trim is covered in metal, the wood has to be okay"
"Small holes and cracks are not a big deal"
"A little water doesn’t do much damage"

The pictures below are "in the field" myth busters (double click for enlargement)

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